Jeremy, my faith-based feature length screenplay, concerns nine-year-old Jeremy who is bullied at school for his belief in God. As Jeremy navigates his feelings concerning his faith, he soon learns with the help of his new friend, Margaret, and her Native American Grandfather that bravery and courage can make a superhero out of anyone – even a third grader.


Professional Script Reader Analysis
Christopher Covell

JEREMY is a very sweet, creative, and entertaining movie that does a solid job in telling an emotional story, while at the same time, also sharing the truth of the Gospel. While the stories of the Bible are certainly for everyone, the movie’s child POV, the lightheartedness, and the fun animated sequences throughout lend this movie most strongly to a younger audience – and in doing so, I feel like movie could serve as a great education tool for kids to both learn the stories of the Bible and how they can apply those stories to their lives. Within all of this, JEREMY serves as a sympathetic protagonist, and his relationships with those around him are dynamic, have depth, and are filled with lots of heart.


The Script Pages: 1-20