Our Finest Hour

In the not-too-distant future, A New World Order has been established. Although disease and wars are a thing of the past, Christianity has been outlawed. Churches have been closed and anyone found practicing their faith are arrested and labeled as traitors to the state. Mathew Taylor and his family, recently incarcerated and placed in one of the few remaining “Ghettos,” are given one last chance to denounce their faith and pay allegiance to the New World General. The weight of such a decision is nearly unbearable as they know that if they refuse to bend the knee, they will ultimately be put to death.

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The Werewolf Chronicles

Conrad Pennington is a prolific horror writer whose current best sellers are the first two books in his “The Werewolf Chronicles,” featuring hero Joe Holland. Conrad has hinted that the third and last book in the series will reveal the true and only cure for lycanthropy. Of course, as he and everyone knows, werewolves are only part of a fictitious legend ... Or so Conrad has always believed... Until the very much alive Joe Holland shows up at his residence seeking the cure and informs Conrad that he is being hunted by a band of real werewolves whose only purpose is to murder Conrad and make sure his third book is never written.

Conrad is shocked to learn that what he writes actually becomes truth and the legend is real. And as he and civilization will soon learn, some legends should never see the light of day.

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