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THE LOSER’S CLUB is the feature film adaptation of my one-act play of the same name. The screenplay has been optioned as a major motion picture by Capitol H Studios and will be executive produced by JR Hatchett. I will serve as a producer in association with my banner, Turner/Smith Productions. I will also essay the supporting role of Mr. Same Blake. The screenplay had been honored by more that 100 Screenplay Competitions and Film Festivals from around the world.


Drawing from films like Booksmart, Love Simon, and Mean Girls, THE LOSER’S CLUB seeks to turn the tables on the proverbial school bully and place vengeance firmly in the hands of the bullied. A group of high school misfits have had enough and decide to exact their revenge on those that have tormented them for years. “Operation Get Back” had been gestating for years and is finally put into action as the self-anointed “The Loser’s Club” kidnap Joe Taylor and Tawny Harris, two of the most popular teens at Clarksville High on the night of their high school's Centennial Homecoming. As “The Loser’s Club” hold their kangaroo trial, truth and lies are brought to light and secrets are revealed, resulting in a once-in-a-life experience that changes everyone.

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